QBS Methodology Training

“Why do companies all over the world spend millions of dollars telling salespeople what to say, but they spend almost nothing teaching them what to ask?” tom-train-02[1]

Question Based Selling (QBS) is a proven and highly leveraged sales methodology that teaches salespeople and sales teams how to differentiate their products, their company, and themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

QBS Methodology Training is delivered in highly interactive two and three-day program that is designed to give sellers an understanding of the techniques and a comfort level that will enable them to implement the first day back into the field. An abridged One-Day QBS “Blitz” training is also available for sales meetings, mid-year kickoff events, or vendor-sponsored partner seminars, which are scheduled based upon availability.

“Question Based Selling was a great success! Having invested in previous sales training courses with limited results, it was nice to hear testimonials from my people that QBS was indeed the best sales training they’ve ever had. By the middle of the first day, everyone had bought in. By the end of the second day, people were truly excited and anxious to get back out into the field. I would recommend this program to anyone!” –Mike Bader, VP Sales

The QBS Methodology takes a common sense, yet disruptive, approach to teaching sellers how to upgrade traditional sales habits—based on the theory that what a salesperson asks (and how they ask) is more important than what they will ever say.

Whose job is it to uncover needs? It’s the salesperson’s responsibility, of course. But, just because a sellers wants to ask questions to uncover needs doesn’t mean prospects and customers want to share information with people they don’t yet know or trust. Likewise, just because you have a great story, doesn’t necessarily mean prospects and customers will want to hear it. Now, the question is, what makes prospects and customers “want to” engage?

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Course Objectives

The QBS methodology teaches salespeople how to engage more prospects in more productive sales conversation, in order to accomplish the following:NewWorkbookCover_thumb[1]

  • Make lead generation a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Increase your “hit rate” when calling new prospects.
  • Use strategic questions to uncover more needs.
  • Identify decision-makers and key influencers.
  • Establish more credibility earlier in the sale.
  • Eliminate the causes of buyer resistance.
  • Motivate many different types of buyers.
  • Expand the scope of existing opportunities.
  • Escalate the prospect’s sense of urgency.
  • Deliver more punch in your presentations
  • Prevent objections in addition to handling them.
  • Qualify and accurately forecast sales opportunities.
  • Close more sales…faster.

In addition to teaching the methodology, Question Based Selling programs emphasize implementation by giving participants an opportunity to experience the techniques and skills they learn using a series of exercises and interactive workshops. This hands-on approach reinforces the QBS methodology in order to make an immediate and positive impression on the salesperson, the sales team, and the total organization.

Who Should Attend?

Getting everyone on the same page is the key to having consistent results…open-enrollment

Question Based Selling was designed for the entire sales team. In addition to teaching salespeople how to differentiate themselves and their products, QBS will also enhance the ability of sales support professionals, engineers, marketing, and sales management to convey greater value.

A QBS methodology course is also a valuable tool for developing strong distribution channels. Your VAR and channel are being deluged by product information—but they’re really thirsty for are strategies and techniques that enable them to differentiate your offerings. Companies that don’t take the time to show partners how to penetrate new accounts, how to create a greater sense of urgency, and how to convey more value, leave the door wide open for your competitors secure the loyalty that comes from such mentoring opportunities.

Many QBS clients invite their partners to attend their company’s QBS training, which is an effective way to ramp up your extended sales force.


No formal prerequisites are required.

Many people who attend QBS training have read one of Tom Freese’s books or own the CDs. This is not a required prerequisite. In fact, knowing that most people only read through a book once, we actually recommend (when asked) that the book be distributed as part of the training experience so that it can be a tangible resource to the participant when they go back out to implement.

Customized Content

Each Question Based Selling course is specifically customized for the intended audience. QBS methodology training is delivered in an interactive, lecture-based format. Specific “what if” scenarios are welcomed and the relevance of examples used during the training will be proportionate to the volume of material provided by the client in advance, the length of the course, and the amount of audience participation.

Facilities Requirements & Set-up trainingroom

For each QBS event, client agrees to secure the following:

  • Presentation Room – Classroom Style
  • Refreshments/Lunch for Attendees (client optional)
  • In Focus Projector (for PowerPoint)
  • Wireless Remote Lapel Microphone
  • Extra Battery for Wireless
  • Two Flip Charts with Fresh Markers
  • Drafting Chair or Bar Stool

Unless otherwise specified, all of the items listed must be provided and be in good working order, for the QBS event to commence. QBS speakers will bring their own laptop computer and provide all appropriate training handouts.

Two-Day QBS Training – Sample Agenda

“There is no such thing as ‘actual’ value, only perceived value. A salesperson’s success will ultimately be determined by the extent to which they are able to cause prospects and customers to perceive more value than competing alternatives.”    -Thomas Freese

Day One
8:00am Continental Breakfast
8:30am Introductions
8:45am Kick-off Exercise: Capture Your Current Messaging
Part I: The Focus has Changed to Execution
» Re-Engineering the Tradional Elevator Pitch
» SPA vs. PAS Positioning
10:15am Morning Break
10:30am Gold Medals™ and German Shepherds™
» Doubling Your Value Proposition
» Creating Differentiation & Sense of Urgency
12:15pm Lunch
1:15pm Part II: Leveraging the Most Powerful Tool in Sales
» Conversational Layering™
» Curiosity: Building a Sales Forum
3:00pm Exercise: Up your Voice-mail & Email Responses
3:15pm Afternoon Break
3:30pm Diagnostic Questions for Instant Credibility
» Escalate Questions to Uncover More Needs
4:45pm Wrap up
Day Two
8:00am Continental Breakfast
8:30am Qualifying: Getting More Accurate Information
» Advanced QBS Questioning Techniques
Exercise: Are Your Fluent in Strategic Questions?
10:00am Morning Break
10:15am Part III: Putting Methods into Practice
» The Three Phased QBS Sales Process™
» Turning “Cold Calls” into “Luke Warm” Calls
» Calling High vs. Calling Low
» Getting to the Right Person in Your Accounts
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Delivering More Powerful Sales Presentations
» Crafting an Interactive Ice-breaker
» Building a Mutual Agenda™
3:00pm Afternoon Break
3:15pm Closing More Sales… Faster
» The Five Prerequisites of Every Deal
» The Four Keys to Closing More Sales
4:30pm Evaluations/Close