Advanced QBS Workshops

"Questions aren’t just for gathering information anymore. Strategic questions are your best tools for inducing curiosity, establishing credibility, increasing the customer’s sense of urgency, creating GoMagainePhotocompetitive separation, and justifying expenditures."       -T. Freese

More important than the initial QBS training is what happens afterward when sales teams go back to the field and implement the material that was covered during the Two-Day Methodology Training. Knowing that you don’t change the culture of a company during a single training course, a great opportunity exists to increase the return on investment from your original QBS training with an Advanced QBS Workshop.

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Explore & Dissect Real-World Customer Scenarios

While the initial QBS Methodology Training course is lecture-based, to explain QBS fundamentals and concepts, Advanced QBS is delivered in a workshop setting. Working from specific scenarios provided by the client in advance, the goal is to facilitate an interactive environment where participants focus on the application of QBS strategies in the real world.

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Required Pre-work and Pre-requisites

Attendees of Advanced book-secrets-small[1]QBS Workshop participants are assumed to have already attended a Two-Day QBS Methodology Training course. If not, they will gain little from attending the Advanced QBS training.

The success of the Advanced QBS course is largely dependent on the quality of scenario specific information provided by the client to the instructor prior to the training. This pre-work includes documenting sample voice-mails from each member of the team, and asking participants to compile specific “real life” selling scenarios that we can study during the day.

More specific instructions for pre-work will be provided by instructor.

Advanced QBS One-Day Coaching

Advanced QBS Training teaches salespeople how to engage more prospects in more productive sales conversation. A conference call with management or appropriate members of the sales team is recommended to build a more customized set of objectives for the course. Here are some sample NewWorkbookCover_thumb[1]objectives:

  • Identify and build strategy for handling most frequent objections.
  • Develop strategies for knowing exactly where you stand in the sale.
  • Broaden the need to increase the prospect’s sense of urgency.
  • Design escalation strategies to get more leverage from management.
  • Learn how to speed up the sale.
  • Motivate different types of buyers.
  • Develop a regimen of objection prevention strategies.
  • More accurately qualify forecast sales opportunities.
  • Learn how to close more sales…faster.

Who Should Attend Advanced QBS Methodology Training?

Salespeople, sales support professionals, sales engineers, marketing personnel, and managers who have already attended the prerequisite QBS Methodology Training, and want to take their skills and application of Question Based Selling to the next level.trainingroom

Facilities Set-up Requirements 

For each QBS event, client agrees to secure the following:

  • Presentation Room – Classroom Style
  • Refreshments/Lunch for Attendees
  • In Focus Projector (for PowerPoint presentation)
  • Wireless Lapel Microphone
  • Extra Battery for Wireless Remote
  • Two Flip Charts with Fresh Markers
  • Drafting Chair or Bar Stool

Unless otherwise specified, all of the items listed must be provided and be in good working order, for the QBS event to commence. QBS speakers will bring their own laptop computer and provide all appropriate training handouts.

Course Agenda

Advanced QBS Methodology Training


8:00am Continental Breakfast
8:30am QBS Conceptual Review/Update
  » Conversational Layering
  » PAS Positioning Strategies
  » Proactive vs. Reactive
10:00am Morning Break
10:15am Workgroup Breakouts
  » Review Customized Scenarios
  » Create Repository of Business Issues
  » Identify Specific Implications
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Leveraging Strategic Questions
  » Diagnostic Questions (for Credibility)
  » Escalation Strategies for Needs Development
  » Advanced Questioning Techniques
3:00pm Afternoon Break
3:15pm Workgroup Breakouts (continued)
  » Curiosity Strategies (voice-mail)
  » The Herd Theory
5:00pm Complete Exercises/Evaluations

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Train the Trainer

Salespeople who successfully implement Question Based Selling can also become valuable mentors for coaching others internally. In fact, your roll-out of the QBS methodology can be significantly enhanced by developing in-house expertise. We can help you accomplish this through a Train-the-Trainer curriculum.