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“What separates top performing salespeople from their struggling counterparts? The answer to this question will forever change the way you deal with customers. It will also change the way your customers deal with you.”            -Thomas A. Freese

There’s a reason top performers continue to excel, while those who are struggling continue to struggle. It’s because just defining the steps of the sales process is no longer a differentiator and traditional sales approaches don’t address the real problem sellers face on a daily basis.

Putting salespeople through yet another “refresher” course to simply reiterate the sales process (Step #1: Identify Opportunities, Step #2: Qualify, Step #3: Uncover Needs, and so on…) has little or no upside, especially when you consider that most of your competitors have a sales process in place already, and it’s likely that their process is very similar (if not identical) to yours.

Instead, sellers today are hungry for specific strategies and techniques that can give them a differentiable advantage in their respective markets. While the sales process does help identify “what” to do, the focus of Question Based Selling is teaching salespeople “how” to execute more effectively than the competition.

Imagine the increased productivity if it were possible to teach sellers how to penetrate more new accounts, how to secure mindshare from key decision makers, how to differentiate their value propositions, how to create a greater sense of urgency, and how to close more deals while maintaining your company’s desires profit margins.

Question Based Selling has been proven many times over, at companies all over the world, as a way to teach individual salespeople and entire sales teams how to step outside the box of traditional sales thinking. Our mission was to essentially “bottle” the QBS methodology into a transferrable skill set guaranteed to impact results.

QBS methodology training is usually delivered in a two and three-day training program that is designed to give your salespeople an ‘unfair’ advantage over the competition. We also offer an abridged One-Day QBS Sales Training “Blitz” which is perfect for sales meetings, mid-year kickoff events, or empowering your business partners.

Contact Us to find out more customizing Question Based Selling for your intended audience, cost options, and the overall impact QBS will have on your go-to-market strategy.

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