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“If you teach salespeople to sound just like everyone else, then you will end up forfeiting their competitive advantage.” -T. Freese

Most of the sales courseware that is available today focuses on defining the sales process. But, that’s not the problem most sales organizations face, especially given the recent shift in the economy.

Chances are good you don’t need us to teach you that Step #1 is Identify Opportunities, Step #2 is Qualify, Step #3 is Uncover Needs, and so on. Putting your salespeople through a “refresher” to reinforce what they already know has little upside, especially if you consider that your competitors have a process in place, too, and their process is probably very similar to yours.

The question salespeople and managers face on a daily basis isn’t just identifying “what” to do, it’s understanding “how” to do those things more effectively? At this point, your team’s success is more about execution, positioning skills, and the quality of your interactions with potential or existing customers. The QBS methodology, thus, becomes the execution layer that increases the strategic effectiveness of your entire team to execute the desired objectives of penetrating more accounts, getting mindshare with key decision makers, creating a competitive advantage, and closing business with higher margins.

Managing Sales Effectiveness: Sample Questions

Q: What are you doing to leverage curiosity to increase the prospect’s sense of urgency?

Q: What’s your strategy for causing prospective customers to “want to” share information with someone they don’t yet know or trust?

Q: When the decision comes down to a virtual tie, what then makes you different than your competitors?

Q: How have you adjusted your sales approach to offset the increased resistance and standoffishness coming from potential buyers?

Question Based Selling (QBS) is a highly leveraged sales methodology that teaches individual salespeople and sales teams how to step outside the box of traditional sales thinking, in order to increase their returns on invested sales effort. If you look around any sales organization, you will notice that some people are more effective than others, selling the same types of products to similar customers. QBS Research, Inc. has essentially “bottled” these differentiators into a teachable and repeatable methodology that is guaranteed to impact results.

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The QBS Methodology is taught in our highly interactive, two and three-day training programs that are designed to give salespeople a significant edge over their competition. An abridged one-day version of this QBS training is also available for sales meetings, mid-year kickoff events, or vendor-sponsored partner seminars, which can be scheduled upon request.

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