Table of Contents

Part I: A Short Course on QBS Strategy
Chapter 1: Selling Intangibles
Chapter 2: Expanding Your Value Proposition
Chapter 3: Gold Medals & German Shepherds
Chapter 4: The Herd Theory
Chapter 5: Mismatching: The Avoidable Risk

Part II: Leveraging the Most Powerful Tool In Sales
Chapter 6: Conversational Layering
Chapter 7: Leveraging Curiosity in the Strategic Sale
Chapter 8: Establishing Your Own Credibility
Chapter 9: Escalate the Value of Your Sales Questions
Chapter 10: How to Solicit More Accurate Feedback

Part III: Implementation: Putting Methods into Practice
Chapter 11: Navigating the Sales Process
Chapter 12: Turning Cold Calls into Lukewarm Calls
Chapter 13: Getting to the “Right Person”
Chapter 14: Re-Engineering the Elevator Pitch
Chapter 15: Building Value in the QBS Presentation
Chapter 16: Closing More Sales…Faster

Epilogue: For Sales Managers Only