QBS Audio Series – CDs/MP3




This is a good time to invest in your future.

Question Based Selling is also available on audio.

While many people continue to garner great value from reading Tom Freese’s books, others enjoy listening to the author (in his own words) explain the QBS Methodology in a high-energy, light-hearted, anecdotal format.

Especially if you commute to and from work, or would like to turn your workout sessions into a productive revenue generating experience, this twelve-sided audio program is for you.

The QBS audio program is not just the book-on-tape. Rather, it is a compilation of the core concepts of taught in our “live” Two-Day QBS Methodology training, coupled with much of the content covered in each of Tom Freese’s five best-selling sales books.

Essentially, the twelve-track QBS audio program is one more set of tools designed to explain and reinforce the implementation of the QBS methodology.

What’s in your current audio library?

Question Based Selling: Audio Program

Track 1: What is Question Based Selling?
Increasing your probability of success & decreasing the risk of rejection.

Track 2: PAS Positioning™
How to “re-engineer” the traditional elevator pitch.

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Track 3: Gold Medals™ & German Shepherds™

Double the impact of your value proposition conveys.

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Track 4: The Herd Theory™

How to build a greater sense of momentum throughout the sales process.

Track 5: Conversational Layering™
Earning “the right” to engage potential buyers.

Track 6: Curiosity: The Genesis of Every Sale
Causing prospects to “want to” know more about what you offer.

Track 7: Boost Your Credibility with Diagnostic Questions™
Gain more traction with potential buyers, much earlier in the sales process.

Track 8: Escalate the Value of Your Sales Questions
…to increase the depth of your sales conversations.

Track 9: Qualification: How to Solicit More Accurate Feedback
Know exactly where you stand in the decision process.

Track 10: Turn Your “Cold Calls” into “Lukewarm Calls”
While cold calling has become highly unproductive, familiarity still sells!

Track 11: Delivering More Impactful Value Propositions
…and create a more receptive audience and better relationships in the process.

Track 12: Closing More Sales…Faster!

The keys to creating a greater sense of urgency for moving forward.