Table of Contents

Chapter Lessons:

1: Everyone’s a Celebrity
2: Sometimes it’s the Little Things
3: The New Competitive Mindset
4: “The Best Salesperson I Have Ever Met”
5: Sellers Must Rise Above “The Noise”
6: Why “Sales 101” No Longer Works
7: Have You Ever Met Pierre?
8: Curiosity: The Genesis of Every Sale
9: Earning the Right to Succeed
10: Shorten Your Ramp-Up Window
11: Let Us Solve Your Most Difficult Business Problem
12: The Phrase That Pays
13: Voice-mail/Email One-Two Punch
14: Be Proactive to Avoid Telephone Tag
15: Too Available Means, Not Valuable
16: Getting One Foot in the Door
17: Another Way to a Prospect’s Heart…
18: Gain Additional Leverage with Conference Calls
19: Getting More Leads at Industry Trade Shows
20: Reverse Telemarketing
21: Better Than Sending Christmas Cards
22: How to Handle Potential Blockers
23: Follow-up with a Creative Questionnaire
24: Handling the Literature Brush-Off
25: Practice What You Preach
26: You Don’t Have to Apologize for Doing Your Job
27: Changes in Brochure Etiquette
28: Can You Sell Me This Pen?
29: Re-Engineering the Elevator Pitch
30: Beware of the Question, “Why?”
31: Don’t Be a Talking Head
32: Develop World Class Listening Skills
33: Listen for the Question Behind the Question
34: The Irony of Reference Selling
35: One Smart Son-of-a-Bitch
36: The Flip Side of Confidence
37: The Greatest Salesperson Ever
38: Give Your Customers a Little Slack
39: Arm Yourself with More Ammunition
40: Winners Help Their Customers Write the RFP
41: Avoid Selling the Cadillac
42: Everyone is in Sales
43: The Oldest Rivalry in Business
44: Internal Champions are the Real Salespersons
45: Can I Ask a Favor?
46: Comfortable Isn’t Always Most Effective
47: Take Your Coat Off and Stay Awhile
48: How to Kick Off an Interactive Sales Presentation
49: The Perils of Talking Too Much
50: Flip Charts, White Boards, and Chalk Talks
51: Your Volume Speaks Volumes
52: People Need Time to Adjust
53: Ask for an Inch…Get a Mile
54: Are You Good with Names?
55: Big Points for Defusing Customer Problems
56: Some Rules Were Meant to be Broken
57: Business Entertainment: A Necessary Evil?
58: A Kernel of Wisdom about Giving Advice
59: Being Detail-Oriented Increases Your Credibility
60: Is it Possible to Be Too Honest?
61: To Be More Successful in Business…Get Personal
62: The Sale Ain’t Over, Until It’s Over
63: Neutralize Your Anti-Champions
64: Qualify Early, But Not Too Early
65: Flatten Your Hockey Stick
66: Is Cost Justification Your Friend?
67: Don’t be Defensive on Price
68: Range Pricing
69: Higher Prices Can Increase Your Perceived Value
70: Be the Hero…Not the Goat
71: Work Backward to Move Your Sale Forward
72: If You Could Have Everything on Your Wish List
73: Negotiate Like a Dentist
74: Ask for More Than You Need
75: What If You Were in My Shoes?
76: Silence is Golden
77: Would You Like Some Fries with that Shake?
78: Wanting a Better Price Isn’t Always an Objection
79: Delivering Bad News Gracefully
80: Sometimes Nothing Works
81: Dealing with Rejection
82: Ignorance is not Bliss
83: You Can Learn More from Failure than Success
84: There is no “Other Side” of the Sale
85: Some Deals Aren’t Worth Chasing
86: Thank You…Mitsubishi
87: To Enhance Performance…Improve Thyself
88: Have a Passion for What You Do
89: Practice by Being a Better Buyer
90: Make Your Business Seem Bigger
91: Use Small Notepads to Capture Big Ideas
92: Calling in the Cavalry
93: The Five-Week Rolling Forecast
94: Crossing the Cultural Chasm
95: Avoid Rush Hour Traffic at All Costs
96: Learn to Laugh at Yourself
97: Pay Attention to Your Rolodex
98: Remember: Amateurs Built the Ark
99: Always Question the Status Quo
100:The Best Way to Eat an Elephant
Bonus Chapter: Always Ask for Referrals