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“Even though sales drives every company, salesmanship continues to be the least taught profession in the world.”             -T. Freese

Originally from upstate New York, Thomas A. Freese graduated from the University of Florida in 1983 with a Finance degree. Instead of pursuing a financial track, Tom embarked on a sales career, working in the field of healthcare technology for Shared Medical Systems (SMS) and Baxter.

In 1990, Tom accepted a position selling application design software for KnowledgeWare, Inc. There he broadened his industry experience selling to a wide range of companies in telecommunications, insurance, financial services, manufacturing, consulting, and government.

In 1992, Tom opened the Southeastern Regional Office for NetFrame Systems. NetFrame manufactured superserver hardware to run large corporate networks with fault tolerant capabilities that offered reliability, data integrity, scalability, security and lower total cost of ownership.

In 1995, after multiple years achieving 200+% of his annual sales goals, the ‘then President of NetFrame’ asked Tom if he would train the rest of the sales organization on whatever it was that was enabling him to be so successful. Tom spent the next 60 days developing a curriculum that would enable him to transfer his knowledge and approach to his counterparts within NetFrame.

One of the most difficult audiences to train is your own peer group. But, when the feedback from Tom’s initial training at NetFrame was so overwhelmingly positive, and people said, “you have to bottle this system,” that was the catalyst that motivated Tom to start working on his first book.

With 17+ years in the corporate trenches of sales and management under his belt, Tom packaged his unique approach into a proven methodology called Question Based Selling. He has since trained thousands of salespeople at client corporations all over the world.

As founder and president of QBS Research, Inc., Tom Freese, five-time bestselling author, is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on sales effectiveness training and competitive positioning strategies.

When Tom is not enjoying his family in Atlanta, he is a highly sought after speaker and dynamic sales trainer who maximizes the delivery of content with a high degree of interaction along with the underlying logic that will ensure a successful implementation.

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