Sales Meetings/Training

tom-train-01[1]Planning a Sales Meeting or Mid-Year Kickoff?

Regional and national sales events are effective ways for organizations to energize their troops. This year things are different, however. Instead of just getting people excited in the hopes that they will be more effective, the real opportunity to boost performance is to “infuse” your sales team with sales methodology that gives them an unfair competitive advantage.

Listening to a good motivational speakers is always fun. But, what do you suppose happens when a super-excited salesperson goes back out into their territory and reverts to their same familiar approach? Most people agree that raw enthusiasm quickly wears off pretty quickly if you don’t actually change behavior in ways that make individuals more effective.

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QBS Sales Talks/Keynotes

   *  “The Softer Skills Have Become the Ultimate Tiebreaker.”

   *  “Separate Yourself from the Rest of the “Noise” in the Marketplace.”

   *  “How to be More Effective Knowing that Your Competitor’s Sales Process is Just Like Yours.”

Tom Freese has been teaching the QBS Methodology for over 18 years, following a record-breaking career in the trenches of sales and sales management. As “trainer who ‘wrote the book’ on strategic sales questions, Tom brings a wealth of experience, vision, and empowerment audiences who are more thirsty than ever before to take their sales capabilities and performance up a notch.

Note: The content for every session is customized to reflect the specific selling environment, business objectives, and competitive challenges of the target audience.