Competitive Assessment

How can you succeed in winning a sale when it’s a virtual tie?

That’s the new challenge facing companies in an increasingly competitive business marketplace. The answer is recalibrating the way your company’s value proposition is being positioned.Picture1

If your company already enjoys a huge product advantage, you may not even need to think about sales strategy. It’s more likely, however, that your value proposition sounds surprisingly similar other competitive offerings, in which case, how your product is being positioned is more important than the product itself.

If you look around any company today, it will quickly become clear that some sellers are more effective than others. Just look at the numbers, and how consistent they seem to be where top performers continue to deliver top performance.

If you attribute their success to luck, charisma, or personality, then their success cannot be duplicated. Fortunately, consistent top performance has more to do with communication techniques that enable sellers to effectively and consistently convey the value of their products and services. In short, it all comes down to having an effective positioning strategy.

The bad news is, the way most sellers have been taught for decades does more to commoditize their value than differentiate it. The traditional ‘elevator pitch,” for example, is virtually identical between competing companies, which is exactly the opposite of what sellers are trying to accomplish.

QBS is now offering clients the ability to schedule either a conference call or a Positioning Boot Camp, where we work with the sales and marketing teams in a ‘think tank’ session to evaluate how your current positioning strategy could be optimized based on how you want your products and services to be perceived, as opposed to the usual feature/benefit analysis and slogan building.

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