Industry Conferences

Do you want a Motivational Speaker or an Sales Effectiveness Expert?

“Sales drives every successful company, yet selling continues to be the least taught profession in the world. Case in point, you cannot earn a sales degree from the Harvard Business School, yet every graduate’s success depends on the effectiveness of that company’s sales organization.”TF-GoMagainePhoto

Individual companies along with industry organizations bring their peers and management teams together for quarterly and/or annual conferences during the sales year. Whether you support healthcare, technology, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial services, or professional services, Tom Freese’s thought leadership on Question Based Selling will bring a unique perspective to your next event.

Thomas A. Freese, five-time author and President of QBS Research, Inc. based in Atlanta, is an internationally recognized speaker with a dynamic presence. If you are looking for a top-notch speaker with a content-rich message that participants can leverage to bolster their business development efforts, then Tom is a blue chip choice.

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“People are no longer looking for sound bites and quotable quotes. Given the instability of the current business environment, audiences now thirst for real usable content. If you can empower people with a vision for how to be more effective, they will get excited. To this end, our mission is giving participants relevant technique-oriented content that they can implement the very next time they interact with real customers.”

                                        –Thomas Freese, Five-time Author, Speaker, Trainer