Tom Freese’s New Book is Here (270 pages)!

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Have you noticed that the selling environment has changed dramatically over the years, yet the world of sales training has remained surprisingly stagnant? That’s about to change in a BIG way with the release of Tom Freese’s new book.

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SalesForce 2020 is the only book of its kind. It is a book about the future of selling. While hindsight may indeed be 20/20, it has become increasingly clear that many of the old school sales tactics that have been touted for decades no longer make sense as we rapidly approach the year 2020.

Might it be time for an upgrade?

There’s a reason why top performing salespeople continue to excel, while those who are struggling continue to struggle…even though they are all following the same basic sales process. It’s because just identifying the steps of the sales process is no longer a differentiator. Your competitors have a sales process in place, too, and theirs is very similar (if not identical) to yours.

Sellers today are hungry for strategies and techniques that can give them an ‘unfair’ advantage in their respective markets, rather than revert back to much of the outdated logic that has plagued traditional sales approaches for the last 40 years.

Is this book an indictment of old school sales methods? In a word—Yes. It’s also a road map to show sellers how to re-engineer their sales approach to create a differentiable advantage moving forward.

SalesForce 2020 is a must read for anyone engaged in today’s rapidly changing sales environment. The book flows like you’re having a one-on-one conversation with Tom Freese, as he provides clarity for how to execute more effectively, with clear and concise examples of real-life situations that bring key points home. Definitely a break-through in how to sell today!

—Richard Brock, CEO
SalesTalk Technologies

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Selling Power Magazine Puts Freese’s Books on Their Top 10 Summer Reading List

May 12, 2016 by QBS Research, Inc.  
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Summer time is an opportunity to catch up on your rest and relaxation. It’s also a good time to think about retooling your selling skills in order to gain an advantage over the competition. Selling Power Magazine’s Top Ten Summer Reading List for 2011 is out and it includes Sell Yourself First, a 250 page hardcover bestseller by Thomas A. Freese, Author of Secrets of Question Based Selling.

Freese says, “I wrote Sell Yourself First, my fifth book, as a direct commentary on how a salesperson is perceived is more important than the products they sell or company they represent.”

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QBS Publishes Chinese Version

July 25, 2011 by QBS Research, Inc.  
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Question Based Selling has gone international with the release of the Chinese version of my first book, Secrets of Question Based Selling. With the exception of those words on the cover, the rest of the entire book is printed in Chinese. I’m told that someone who is fluent in Chinese can easily find it on the Internet. Funny that they sent me a box of samples which prompted my wife to ask, “Does the content match the English version?”

Since the graphics seem to match the English version, I assume so…but, since I’m not fluent in Chinese, how would I know?

When asked one of my colleagues in Asia pulled up the ordering information, I was told it was temporarily sold out in china and Taiwan, but here is the ordering information which which might be helpful. Now that my book is completely sold out in china, I think it’s safe to say that QBS has officially taken off!


QBS Chinese Book Order page jpg

 QBS Chinese Book Order page 2 jpg

Secrets of Question Based Selling

February 11, 2009 by QBS Research, Inc.  
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I initially thought it would be easy to crank out a sales book…and it was. The tough part was writing a book that people could actually use to increase their effectiveness.

After five rewrites and nine rounds of editing, I am pleased to say that my first book, Secrets of Question Based Selling is just as relevant, applicable, and accurate now, as the day it was first released.

From my perspective, executing the ‘softer skills’ like establishing credibility, piquing the prospect’s interest, or differentiating your value proposition will be just as important and relevant fifty years from now, and they are today.

Secrets of Question Based Selling contains the core concepts of the QBS Methodology.

Hope you enjoy!

The Complete Guide to Selling Yourself

February 9, 2009 by QBS Research, Inc.  
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 Most of the salespeople we train are veterans. Once in a while we encounter a group of ‘newbies’ fresh out of college, but for the most part our target audience on a weekly basis is filled with experienced professionals who are looking for something constructive and practical that will enable them to take their respective games to the next level. Even if you are not a career salesperson, you will be selling yourself throughout you career, from your very first career opportunity to every interaction your have afterward.

Given the recent shift in focus toward cost effectiveness and profitability, your involvement in business will surely touch the sales process at some point, thus creating an opportunity for you to positively influence customer relationships. Whether you manage a small business or are a high-ranking executive in a Fortune 500 company, or if you support the sales organization in a technical or customer service role, you are definitely selling yourself every day.

This is both an exciting and scary time for salespeople, and you can be sure that the current competitive environment will test the mettle of every sales organization. But, as the saying goes, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going."

Have you ever noticed that the best athletes in virtually every sport always want the ball in their hands when the game is on the line? I have noticed that the same thing is true in sales—the best salespeople are the ones who step up and make good things happen whenever a sale is on the line.

If you aspire to be "a gamer" in the profession of sales, this book is definitely for you.

It Only Takes 1% to Have a Competitive Edge in Sales

February 9, 2009 by QBS Research, Inc.  
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Life is not fair. The world of selling is not fair, either. Look around and you will see that the salesperson with the best product doesn’t always win the sale. Likewise, the seller with the most integrity, or who provides the best service after the sale, offers the highest quality, or negotiates the best deal, is no longer guaranteed to win.

“If life was fair, there would be statues of pigeons in our national parks, and dead army generals would periodically come by and poop on them!”
–Sonny Sammons


It’s because every salesperson claims to have the best deal, the best service after the sale, and the highest quality. As a result, customers are quick to commoditize these similar-sounding claims of greatness, and instead, gravitate toward products, companies, and salespersons who can differentiate themselves in some way.

So, what are you doing to differentiate yourself, your products, and the company you represent?

In It Only Takes 1% to Have a Competitive Edge in Sales, I build on the concepts of Question Based Selling with a compilation of strategies and techniques you can use to differentiate yourself from the rest of the ‘noise’ in the marketplace. And, because most sales are won or lost by very small margins, you simply need an edge—a differentiable advantage that will set you apart from everyone else.

The New Era of Salesmanship: Bringing the Art of Selling into the 21st Century

February 8, 2009 by QBS Research, Inc.  
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The idea for The New Era of Salesmanship was actually conceived by QBS clients—former students who, after attending their initial Question Based Selling courses, pushed me to expand the QBS Methodology to get even deeper, wider and more strategic. In hindsight, they were right, and I am grateful for their enthusiasm and encouragement over these past ten plus years.

My goal on this project was not to reinvent the QBS Methodology or to re-explain core concepts that have been explained previously in my other books. Rather, the idea was to merge the current QBS philosophy together with an implementation strategy that would give sellers and sales organizations a fully integrated success formula for getting deeper, wider, and more strategic within their target accounts.

Have I succeeded in accomplishing the goal? The answer to that will likely be revealed shortly after you finish reading this book. If your pipeline expands dramatically and something you implement gives you an immediate boost in your sales effectiveness and results, then I suppose we both will have accomplished mutual objectives and everybody wins!