images[6]QBS Guarantee: If the people who attend a QBS event don’t come away saying Question Based Selling was the BEST sales training program they have EVER experienced, then it will cost you nothing–period!

“Even salespeople who have enjoyed success in the past are having to recalibrate and adapt their approach, because the ‘field’ on which the game of selling is now being played has changed dramatically.”        -T. Freese


“Tom Freese delivered a very compelling Question Based Selling training session to our sales team last week. Over the weekend guys were working on how to incorporate what they learned on their own, without prompting from me. I recommended QBS based on our experience last week, and that my top performers felt it was the most impactful sales training they have ever had.”
Scott Carlyle, aPriori, VP of Worldwide Sales
“The best thing about Tom Freese’s work in Question Based Selling is that the techniques he outlines actually stick, making it easier for our sales team to integrate into their daily routine. QBS has truly improved our sales effectiveness across the board.”
Mitzi Rettinger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Cerilliant
“Tom Freese has rewritten “’the rule book’ when it comes to implementing an effective sales methodology, as his forward thinking essentially obsoletes much of the historical sales training nonsense that has been relied upon for decades. If you are in sales, marketing, or management, and you are not implementing the strategies and techniques outlined in this book, you will likely be left in the dust!”
Greg Ablett, Senior Vice President, West Corporation
“There is simply nothing out there that can impact, or boost the effectiveness of an entire sales team, more than Question Based Selling (QBS). As a bonus, Tom has taken his vision to the next level with the release of SalesForce 2020.”
Marcy Campbell, VP Worldwide Sales, Qubole Data Services
“Thomas A. Freese’s latest book, Sales Force 2020, is a must-read for any organization positioning themselves for the future as the selling environment continues to change with the inclusion of social media and new technologies. The way we communicate with others is changing, and how the sales process is being executed must continue to evolve. What may have worked 20 years ago is not going to work today.”
Steve Johnson, President, Corus 360
“Sales Force 2020 is a must-read for anyone involved in today’s ever-changing business environment. The book flows like having a one-on-one conversation with Tom Freese, as he drives home key points with clear, concise real-life sales situations. Definitely a break-through in how to sell today . . . !”
Richard Brock, CEO, SalesTalk Technologies
“Question Based Selling has completely changed our sales organization’s perspective on how to differentiate the value of IBM products and services. Congratulations on your success. It’s great stuff!”
Jim Hardee, Vice President of Sales, IBM
“Our mission at Mayo Medical Laboratories has always been to provide the highest level of quality, expertise, and service to our hospital partners and their patients. After the training, everyone on the team was knocked-out by the effectiveness of Question Based Selling and its ability to support our message and our mission in the field. Thank you, Tom! Your insight and training was impeccable!”
Paul Owen, Director of Sales and Outreach, Mayo Medical Laboratories
“The QBS methodology helped us secure our position as the leading provider of e-procurement services to the Life Sciences industry. Since we put the entire sales force through your Two-Day QBS Methodology Program, our salespeople are penetrating more new accounts, increasing the prospect’s sense of urgency to make a decision, and more effectively controlling the sales process. Everybody wins! Thank you.”
Jim Wambach, Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Chemdex Corporation
“On the evaluations that our salespeople filled out after the QBS training, I don’t think there was a score on any of them less than an 8, with the majority being all 10’s. Considering our reputation as a very difficult audience, those scores, in perspective, are really off the charts.”
Mike Sheehy, Vice President Sales, EMC Corporation
“Question Based Selling was a great success! Having spent money on training with limited results, it was nice to hear people saying that QBS was the best sales training they ever had. By the middle of the first day, everyone had bought in. By the end of the second day, people were truly excited and anxious to get back out into the field. I would recommend this program to anyone!”
Mike Bader, Vice President of Sales, Questra Corporation
“Question Based Selling is a proven sales methodology and Tom Freese is a sales phenomenon. He will show you how to differentiate yourself and your product and he will increase your sales results.”
Steve Huey, Vice President of Marketing Communications, Hewlett Packard
“After we implemented Question Based Selling at GE Capital, we literally doubled our sales results within th4e first six months.”
Jim Elliott, President & CEO, GE Capital, IT Solutions
“Tom Freese has written one of the best sales books in many years. It’s jam-packed with unique and innovative selling techniques from a super salesperson. Secrets of Question Based Selling is destined to be a classic.”
Robert Shook, Best-Selling Business Author, including;
“The Greatest Sales Stories Ever Told”
“The Perfect Sales Presentation”
and “Hardball”
“Content, differentiation, and an intense desire to win! That’s what our salespeople took away from Question Based Selling. Tom Freese is a true professional.”
Bob Puette, President and CEO, Centigram
Board of Directors, Cisco Systems
“Experienced salespeople often hesitate when it comes to sales training…but not with Question Based Selling. In fact, the most experienced salespeople at INS have become the biggest champions of the QBS methodology. That’s because it works!”
Gary Martin, Director of Business Development, International Network Services (INS)
“Several years ago, our sales organization was trained on Question Based Selling…and we are still deriving benefit. It’s rare to find a program that salespeople can relate to, not to mention getting them to implement over the long term. Tom Freese has definitely cracked the code with QBS.”
John Myers, Vice President of Sales, Continental Office Furniture
“Never before has Actuate management received so much positive feedback after a sales training class. In addition to presenting the base QBS concepts, you succeeded in getting our salespeople to implement the methodology, and it works!”
Lisa Dean, Director of Inside Sales, Actuate Corporation
“This class is applicable to the Marketing team, Pre-sales engineers, in addition to sales reps, regardless of their experience level. My entire team felt this class added great value, and will have an immediate impact on their ability to sell more!”
Bill Ribera, District Manager, Symantec Corp.