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The first time Tom Freese oversold his sales quota by 200 percent, everyone thought it was a fluke. When he did it again, they figured it was a ‘freak’ accident. Then, over and over for 7 consecutive years, Tom not only exceeded his sales quota, he doubled it. Suddenly, his success in selling was more than a trend. It was a business phenomenon!

"The key to success in selling today is to motivate your sales team. And, the best way to motivate salespeople is to give them specific strategies and techniques that will enable them to win more sales (more often), and repeat their successes!"            -T. Freese

Having spent the bulk of his career in the trenches of sales and sales management, Tom realized early on that customers don’t want to be pushed, probed, or pressured by a salesperson. People want to make smart purchase decisions, but no one wants to be "sold."

As Founder and President of QBS Research, Inc., Thomas A. Freese, is a six-time bestselling author, and he is considered to be one of the foremost authorities on strategic questioning, competitive positioning, and sales effectiveness training.

When Tom is not enjoying his family in Atlanta, he is a highly sought after speaker and trainer who has trained thousands of salespeople at QBS clients organizations all over the world.

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