About QBS


“Motivation used to be seen as a catalyst for raising sales effectiveness. We now know the opposite is true. Increasing sales effectiveness is the single best way to motivate a sales team to be successful.”

Founded in 1997 by bestselling author Tom Freese, QBS Research, Inc. is the company that developed Question Based Selling™, and delivers QBS Methodology Training programs to client organizations all over the world.

With more than eighty years combined sales experience and over 300+ clients, QBS Research, Inc. is arguably the most impactful sales training organization offering customized training curriculums that are guaranteed to increase your company’s sales effectiveness.

In addition to having a network of certified QBS trainers spread across North America, QBS Research, Inc. now has an international presence with a new affiliate location that we recently opened in Dubai (U.A.E).

“As a salesperson, I’d already attended the basic sales 101 classes, and frankly, I had endured all the motivational hype I could stand. What I really wanted was a repeatable methodology that could improve my strategic effectiveness and differentiate my value proposition throughout the sales process. That’s why I created Question Based Selling.”                                                                         –Thomas A. Freese

Our team of uniquely qualified QBS professionals all have extensive real world experience, with backgrounds in sales, management, coaching, and training, so they can customize and deliver the most valuable sales training programs your company has ever experienced.

QBS® is a registered trademark of QBS Research, Inc.