SalesForce 2020 takes the QBS Methodology to the Next Level.

May 21, 2016 by QBS Research, Inc.  
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A problem exists in the world of sales training, where the sheer volume of “fluff” and outdated content far exceeds the amount of substance that is truly valuable in today’s selling environment.
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Tom Freese’s latest book, SalesForce 2020, has taken the Question Based Selling methodology to new heights, as he compares and contrasts the difference between outdated sales methods with what sellers can do to give themselves and ‘unfair’ advantage moving forward.

Have you ever wondered why some salespeople in your company or industry are “killing it,” while others are struggling to survive, even though they are all following the same basic sales process? It’s because the sales process is no longer a differentiator. All of competitors have a sales process in place already, and their process is probably very similar (if not identical) to yours.

These days, success in the sales profession is all about execution. Those sellers who are able to execute more effectively, whether it be using advanced strategy and technique to penetrate new accounts, qualify the opportunity, understand the customer’s needs, navigate to the right people, or secure commitments, those sellers will have a distinct advantage over their struggling counterparts who are commoditizing their value by relying on outdate sales tactics that have plagues the selling profession for the last 40 years.

While hindsight may indeed be 20/20, many of the old school sales tactics that have been touted for decades no longer make sense as we rapidly approach the year 2020.

Might it be time for an upgrade?

“The best thing about Tom Freese’s work in Question Based Selling is that the techniques he outlines actually stick, making it easier for our sales team to integrate into their daily routine. QBS has truly improved our sales effectiveness across the board.”
                                    —Mitzi Rettinger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Cerilliant

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