Tom Freese vs. Other Motivational Speakers

September 12, 2012 by QBS Research, Inc.  
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Check out this video excerpt where Tom speaks about the difference between motivational speakers, and instead, actually teaching salespeople how to be exponentially more effective.

Sales organizations used to try and motivate salespeople as a way to increase productivity. Today, the opposite is true. If you take the time to show salespeople how to be exponentially more effective, they will absolutely be motivated to repeat their successes. I don’t about you, but to me, there’s nothing more fun or rewarding that having an ‘unfair’ advantage throughout the sales process.

“Zig Ziglar is still the king of the podium, although sadly, he passed away just recently. I can say, however, he was by far the best motivational speaker I have ever heard. But as with other motivation speakers, my problem was, after I went back out into my territory all excited and ready to conquer the world, when I naturally reverted back to using the same old approach, I got the same lousy results. Thus, my newfound levels of enthusiasm tended to dissipate very quickly.”    - T. Freese


3 Responses to “Tom Freese vs. Other Motivational Speakers”
  1. Steve Johnson says:

    I am on contarct in the UK teaching companies how to grow there business as well as there personal. Each time i speak to a sales team , i start with many differnt QBS concepts that i have learned from Tom over the years. What is smack on is not one company or individual that i am speaking with has done any personal growth training or even thoght about eduacting themselfs on how to differentate themselves . I have reccomended QBS Research to each and every person that i have had the pleasure of meeeting here in the UK . Cheers Mate,

    Steve Johnson

  2. Tomas says:

    I have read at least 10 different books on selling techniques to be the next top-guy, however, all of them except one speak the very same way: let prospects talk 90% (or more) of the time and you just listen carefully to them…bla, bla,bla…or be aggressive till the prospects say “yes”…

    Yesterday I sent out a ‘Curious Email’ to 11 people (Cold Emails by the way) and I have had 3 responses out of 11, meaning 27.3% response rate so far…obviously I need to keep implementing what I am learning at ‘Secrets of QBS’ in order to master the ‘Conversational Layering’..I am working on it :-)

    Bottom Line: “QBS works and it really works very well…” I am certainly sure that I will be a top seller within a couple of months…

    Mexico City

  3. Mina says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have read many books in sales and Marketing, I am realtor and I really enjoyed your Question Base selling BOOK. It is so helpful. I believe difference is in details and details that you mentioned in the book will be very helpful.


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